Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Alternatives to Bankruptcy in IL

Struggling with Debt? Discover Your Options with a Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyer.

At Smith Ortiz, P.C., we know all of the alternatives to bankruptcy, and we can help you if you need to resolve serious financial difficulties but don't want to file bankruptcy. There are a great number of strategies that can be employed to resolve financial problems, including:

We are aggressive in working with lenders. We know that they often respond better to a Chicago bankruptcy attorney than they will to a borrower. Whether you plan on filing for bankruptcy or not, it is very likely that a lender will sit up and listen when the professional bankruptcy lawyer from our firm contacts them about your loan.

Fighting Back Against Lenders

You may be a victim of predatory lending tactics, which are illegal, or creditor harassment which is also illegal under the FDCPA. We serve as counsel in a range of financial problems requiring debt collection defense. You deserve to find out what we can do to solve your issue, and to get the wheels in motion so you are free from the stress and worry you are currently suffering.

Our goal is to serve borrowers and to help them to resolve financial problems, whether through filing for Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or implementing an effective alternative to bankruptcy. Your personal financial situation is unique, and the first step is to come and speak with us, or to call and discuss your situation. We can quickly advise you of the various alternatives that could get your problems under control, and your life back on track. We care about helping those in the Chicago area who are struggling with financial problems. Your lender doesn't care that you are in trouble and need help – they just want their money.

Loan Modifications, Debt Consolidation, and Debt Negotiations

The federal government offers various programs to resolve underwater mortgages. Our attorneys are very familiar with working with lenders and arranging modifications, if this is your problem. If you have too many credit card payments and can't keep up, there are options to reduce interest and to arrange a payment plan that you can afford through debt settlement negotiations. If you are able, a debt consolidation loan could work very well.

We need to look over your situation to advise you properly, so take advantage of our free consultation. You have nothing to lose. Call today.

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