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Hundreds of businesses face bankruptcy every year. If your business is facing serious debt, you need to know that you have an option that will keep you in business: Chapter 11 bankruptcy. While Chapter 11 is more complex than liquidation bankruptcy, it is the only option that allows the continual operation and restructuring of businesses owned by partnerships, corporations, or LLCs.

Struggling with debt? Our Chicago bankruptcy attorneys can help!

Before you consider any form of bankruptcy – Chapter 11 or otherwise – you need to fully understand your financial situation and be aware of all your potential options. You will want the legal guidance only Smith Ortiz, P.C. can provide, backed by such accomplishments as:

  • More than 25 years of collective debt relief experience
  • Familiarity with negotiations and trials
  • Lawyer with a Master of Business Administration degree
  • Unique, client-focused solutions for every case

Form a Reorganization Plan with Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

The primary goal of Chapter 11 filings is to make the company or business profitable again. Negotiations of leases and contracts with all debtors will be prioritized and repayment schedules should be drafted. While this can seem like a daunting task for a small business – especially since making profit is key – it is certainly not impossible with proper preparation and guidance from a Chicago bankruptcy attorney. With our help, we can help you gather the documents necessary to file for Chapter 11, including:

  • Recent balance sheets
  • Company statement of operations
  • Records of cash-flows
  • Federal income tax returns

Get the Financial Relief You Deserve with Our Help

The Chicago Chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyers at Smith Ortiz, P.C. have never lost their focus on the needs of their clients. They understand that few things can be as stressful as filing for bankruptcy, and that you need help now more than ever. To begin forming a plan that will allow your small business to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, possibly saving your finances and your credit, contact us today.

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