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If you are seeking to improve your financial situation due to debt or an inability to make payments, you might get relief by negotiating a loan modification. This alternative to bankruptcy has helped countless individuals find a measure of financial peace.

Because getting a lender to approve a loan modification can be difficult, it's recommended that you enlist the help of a Chicago bankruptcy attorney. With more than 25 years of combined experience, Smith Ortiz, P.C. has the skills to negotiate with your lender and arrange a loan modification with better terms and lower payments so you can continue to pay your mortgage and keep your home.

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Secure the Benefits of a Loan Modification with Smith Ortiz, P.C.

By negotiating new terms with your lender, a successful loan modification results in more affordable payments. Failing to make payments typically leads to foreclosure and this is exactly what a loan modification works to prevent. Each case is unique, so what worked for one individual may not offer you the same relief. That being said, there are numerous ways to modify a loan.

Some of the most common forms of loan modification include:

  • Reduced principle
  • Extended loan terms
  • Minimized late fees or penalties
  • A mortgage forbearance program
  • Reduced interest rate

Lenders are more likely to approve petitions for loan modifications when the debtor's situation appears to be permanent. If you haven't been able to make payments for some time or were met with financial adversity, the chances are good that you will meet the eligibility requirements.

There are many details involved with debt negotiation for a loan modification. We take the time to fully understand all aspects of your situation so that we have the needed information to begin the process. Our firm is here to support you and enable you to find the right solution, resulting in a much brighter financial future.

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