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Are you worried about your lender repossessing your vehicle because you missed a payment? If you are in financial trouble and need answers right away, you can get help by contacting a Chicago bankruptcy lawyer from Smith Ortiz, P.C. Ever since our law firm was founded years ago, our genuine goal has been to help people going through financial difficulties of all kinds. In fact, we have decidedly dedicated 100% of our practice to bankruptcy and foreclosure defense. With more than 25 years of combined legal experience and strong backgrounds in taxes and finance, our firm is well qualified to help you out of the worst of fiscal worries.

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Understand the Legality of Repossession

The act of repossession is a means for lenders to reclaim property without having to go through court proceedings. By sidestepping the law in this way, it is easy for "repo men" to actually commit violations, either knowingly or inadvertently. For example, a repossession associate cannot enter your garage to take back your car, as this would technically be breaking and entering and committing a breach of peace.

Additionally, when repossession does occur legally, you have the right to be informed of the impending sale. This allows you time to take any necessary actions to attempt getting your vehicle back. With our repossession attorneys at your side, you can start fighting for your property through:

  • Redemption: Paying off all or most of the car's original value
  • Auction: Bidding on your own repossessed vehicle in an open auction
  • Reinstatement: If you have paid more than 30% of the existing loan, you can reinstate it and continue payments
  • Bankruptcy: Filing for the right kind of bankruptcy may cease all creditor actions

Bankruptcy Attorney in Chicago: Defending Your Rights

The more you understand the facts regarding your rights concerning repossession, the better control you will have over your property. At Smith Ortiz, P.C., we have made it our personal mission to help people out of financial pitfalls and prepare them for the path ahead. Our services also include the possibility of negotiating with your lender and getting them to restructure your loan so that you can make those payments without the fear of repossession. No matter the difficulties of your circumstances, our firm wants to do all we can to help you through it.

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