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The steps for filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection can be complicated at best, requiring professional assistance to complete correctly. Don't let a simple mistake stop you from removing a massive amount of stress from your shoulders. Our compassionate and experienced Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys at Smith Ortiz, P.C. can help you start securing the future of your finances right now.

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Our Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys are ready to discuss your case in a free consultation. Contact our Fullerton office or Downtown office today!

Advantages of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13, also known as "repayment bankruptcy," is a completely different process than Chapter 7, and involves the establishment of a repayment plan in which all overdue debt is paid off over a 3 - 5 year period. This debt will be divided into priorities by the court and paid off in a specific sequence. Are you facing foreclosure on your home? Although our firm is involved in foreclosure defense, and you may have options to halt the process, filing Chapter 13 may be the solution that would be the most effective for your situation.

Some advantages of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection include:

  1. Automatic stay: As soon as you file for Chapter 13, creditors will be barred from pursuing owed debts and rendered unable to enforce liens due to the creation of an automatic stay.
  2. Flexible repayment: While Chapter 13 bankruptcy typically requires the entire debt to be repaid over the course of several years, it is possible for an experienced Chicago bankruptcy lawyer to lessen the amount you must pay down to only what you can reasonably afford. Whatever debt remains is discharged completely.
  3. Lien stripping: If you successfully make all payments towards an established Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, you may qualify for lien stripping – the complete removal of a second or third mortgage on your home.

Move Forward with Smith Ortiz, P.C.

Chapter 13 is often called "wage-earners bankruptcy." In order to qualify, you must be making an income and have at least $100 of disposable income per month. Some people do not qualify to file Chapter 7, as they make too much money or own too many assets. Others do not wish to file Chapter 7 because they do not want to lose a home through foreclosure, or may have had a co-signer on their home that would suffer consequences.

At Smith Ortiz, P.C., our Chapter 13 attorney in Chicago can review your situation and guide you in the right direction. Some people may be able to avoid filing for bankruptcy altogether if the right strategy is employed. We do it all, and our guidance is based upon your specific financial situation and what we believe would best resolve your financial troubles. We encourage you to discover your options today!

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